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Special thanks to James Sheehan. One course down!NOTE: in trying to find a use for all t No nation would swap territory with other states simply, for example, because the king's daughter got married. They have a different type of border , mostly defined by where the cultural/ethnic (nation) group settles, but many nation states have also had borders based on geography like rivers and mountain ranges. 2017-02-11 · When a nation of people has an independent State of their own it is often called a nation-state. The Kurds are a nation without a State, but France, Germany, and Japan are examples of nation-states. More from General World Statistics This explanation of the meaning of the term "nation-state" is part of a digital video library of concepts for my new book.

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Key Terms 2014-05-25 · A nation-state is a nation which has the same borders as a State. 2021-02-09 · A nation-state is a ruling organization which consists of a group of people that maintain a national identity, occupy a bounded territory, and possess their own government. Countries like France, Japan, and the United States are examples of modern nation-states. Still, there are multinational states and nations without a state, and on the other hand, homogeneous nation-states do not really exist. They have all people of mixed origin, through immigration and exchanges with neighbour nations. Nearly all nation-states have national minorities within their territory.

They have all people of mixed origin, through immigration and exchanges with neighbour nations.

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Nation-states have their own characteristics that today may be taken-for-granted factors shaping a modern state, but that all developed in contrast to pre-national states. Their territory is considered semi-sacred and nontransferable. Nation-states use the state as an instrument of national unity, in economic, social, and cultural life. Se hela listan på courses.lumenlearning.com Se hela listan på newworldencyclopedia.org What does nation-state mean?

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Albania, Croatia, Japan, Poland, … 2020-03-27 243 rows 2014-08-19 Nation State: Definition, Examples & Characteristics. from . Chapter 15 / Lesson 12. 226K .

for example kinship, smaller community, or national state organizations. Care  of the nation-state in times of war, refugee crises and great migration flows. on a historical example: the medical borderwork on the Swedish nation-state  av M Svensson · 2012 · Citerat av 8 — In these discussions, the example of Sweden, where the welfare state allegedly on why and how universalist social policy contributes to stable nation-states',  Corruption during a national disaster is a particularly heinous type of crime, and in the procurement of goods and services during the national state of disaster. We must look, for example, to extend the responsibility of our  Denmark provides the most well known Nordic example of how an old state Church became a democratic Folk (i.e. National) Church during this general  Bevaka Nation, State, &; Economy så får du ett mejl när boken går att köpa igen.
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Care  av L Almén · 2019 — Digitalization Initiatives Across Time in the Nation-State of Sweden: Inscriptions, for example diagrams, pictures and documents, have a  of the nation-state in times of war, refugee crises and great migration flows. on a historical example: the medical borderwork on the Swedish nation-state  Starting from the 1930s and based on the institutionalised cooperation between the Nordic nation states we find numerous examples of Nordic welfare state  Education, Globalization and the Nation State.

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A nation state is a country formed and dominated politically by a particular/distinct ethnic group. In this case,a vast majority of the population of such a country tend to be of the same nationality. use "nation-state" in a sentence It is uncommon in human history for matters involving the territorial integrity of a nation-state to be settled by ballots instead of bullets. Meanwhile, less enthusiastic tracts, with ominous titles like One World, Ready or Not , were being written by raving lefties (William Greider), who now saw the withering of the nation-state as deeply problematic.


And what about a Nation-State? A Nation-State is the idea of a homogenous nation governed by its own sovereign state—where each state contains one nation.

For example, France is a nation while India is more a ‘nation in the making’, while Cyprus is an example of ‘one state, two nations’. In some cases like the Scots, the Basques (in Spain) and the Catalans, some of the minority groups may resist assimilation. The idea of nation -state is confused and confusing.